2020 will go down in the history books as one of the most challenging in Oregon history.  And the year in which Oregon’s addiction crisis was made worse by a global pandemic, destructive fires and relentless political polarization.    

But we are the recovery community, we will not be defeated.  

On Saturday, October 17th, Oregon Recovers will bring our community together virtually for the first-ever Hunt for Recovery! While we can't all be together this year for the Walk for Recovery, it's more important than ever for each of us to get outside, celebrate our recovery and smash the stigma of addiction. Hence, we're organizing the first-ever Hunt for Recovery--an event where you and your closest friends and family (aka your pod) get to chart your own walk that “hunts for recovery” in your community.



According to Association of American Medical Colleges, experts are seeing all the signs of a nationwide, pandemic-related spike in relapses.  Despite this fact, national liquor companies--Big Alcohol--are working overtime to increase alcohol sales without concern for Oregon’s recovery community.  The state is looking at unprecedented budget deficits and we risk seeing our already fractured addiction recovery system further defunded.  Oregon Recovers' work has never been more important.

How the “Hunt” Works

  • Registration ($25) will open September 16th and each registrant will set a personal goal of raising $25, $50, $100 or more from your friends and families. All proceeds will go towards Oregon Recovers' efforts to end Oregon’s addiction crisis.  Registration includes a very stylish t-shirt!
  • On the morning of Saturday, October 17th, registrants will tune into the event website to watch a kick-off broadcast with the Oregon Recovers team, a representative of our Title Sponsor and a special guest where we will provide specific instructions for what registants will “hunt” for in their local community (hint: recovery organizations). Registrants will then don their t-shirts and set out in search of “recovery.”  One person from each team will be responsible for uploading photos of what they find to the event app.
  • At the end of the day Oregon Recovers will host a second live broadcast to announce prizes for top fundraisers, participants and teams including limited edition Oregon Recovers swag and gift cards!  And maybe provide some live entertainment!

We don't want to give too much away, as the targets for the hunt for recovery will remain a secret until the morning of the event, but our goal is to have the Recovery Community across the state tell their story–and the challenges the recovery community faces--in each of Oregon’s cities and counties. 

To become a sponsor or to get more information please contact Mike Marshall at 503-828-7193 or

Join hundreds of your fellow Oregonians this October 17th as we:

Heal together

during these challenging times. Being members of Oregon's recovery community means we show up and support our community in the good times and hard times. Participating in this event is one way that you can get out, contribute to the recovery movement and support your local recovery community.

Build unity

among the diverse community of those in recovery, those rooting for them, and the institutions and organizations dedicated to their success. A problem this big requires all sectors, people and organizations to contribute and be heard.


for changed policies, practices and institutionalized norms to make treatment more accessible and leverage more resources to help all Oregonians live free from addiction.

Smash stigma

because addiction transcends race, culture, ethnicity, socio-economics and politics. The only “face” of addiction should be one that is hopeful.